COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Brattleboro Summer Pick-Up 2020
Policies and Procedures for Play During Covid-19 Pandemic

To be here you must:

  • Be Covid-19 symptom free: no fever, cough, sore throat, etc. If in doubt, stay home! 
  • Have had no close contact with a Covid-19 positive individual within the last 14 days. 
  • Have not been to a county with a case count of over 400 per million in the past 14 days. 
  • Be here to play. No spectators or friends who are not playing. 
  • Have completed all the necessary paperwork and payments online. 

Before the game

  • Arrive with a mask. 
  • Find a spot to stash your stuff marked with an X, then take off your mask. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of water.  No sharing water! 
  • Sanitize your hands. 
  • Once you have set up, you can throw with people/ warm up without a mask. 
  • While warming up, maintain social distance to the greatest extent possible.  

Starting the game

  • At 6:45, form a circle, observing at least 6 feet of distance.  
  • At the circle we will form teams. Pair up with somebody and mark them all night. 
  • If possible, mark somebody who is in your “social pod.”  
  • Avoid unnecessary contact to the greatest extent possible.
  • Make the extra effort to make everyone feel safe.   

During the game

  • Normal Ultimate, within the context of the situation we are in. 
  • Overall, less aggressive play and less aggressive mark (3 feet minimum). 
  • Don’t be right up in people’s faces and be mindful of creating extra space when possible.
  • Do not spit on the field or sideline. 
  • During water breaks or when you are not in the game,  go to your “X” spot.  
  • If you end up in a non-socially distanced area for whatever reason, put on your mask! 
  • When the game is over, grab your stuff quickly and go home!  
  • Continue to maintain social distance and make the extra effort. 

We’re doing everything we can to reduce the risk of becoming a spreader event because it’s the right thing to do, and we want to play all summer!  If you forget to follow these guidelines, somebody may gently remind you to follow them.


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