Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.

So... what exactly is Ultimate Frisbee tm?

Ultimate (as it's properly called) combines the full-field workout of soccer, the passing game and close defense of basketball, and the scoring of a long hail-mary touchdown pass in football. Oh, and the camaraderie and spiritedness of an evening out at your favorite pub. Come check it out for yourself--see why Ultimate is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country!

What is Brattleboro Ultimate?

Brattleboro Ultimate is an organization created to promote and facilitate the sport of Ultimate in the greater Brattleboro, Vermont area.

Is it a league, a club team, or what?

This season we're continuing to focus on reliable pick-up games twice a week. Our goal is to provide a reliable pickup scene that is welcoming and fun for players of all experience, fitness, and skill.

Who can play?

Anyone 16 years or older.  No experience necessary.  None!

When do we start playing?

Due to the pandemic, our season is starting much later than usual. Summer 2020 play starts 6:00pm Tuesday, July 7.

Where do we play?

West River Park, Brattleboro, Vermont.

What do I need to do to play?

Head over to the registration page.  It'll show you how to register, provide you some necessary waivers, and let you pay online.

Bring cleats (soccer or football cleats are best), water, and two shirts -- one white, one dark. That's all you need -- no prior experience necessary!

What are the fees?

FREE - your first night playing with Brattleboro Ultimate
$40 - Full Season Adult (through Sept)
$30 - Full Season Youth (through Sept)
$8 - Drop-In (one night)

This season, we're only accepting online payments. Please head over to the registration page.

Brattleboro Ultimate fees go towards West River Park field access through Brattleboro Recreation & Parks, and the liability insurance required to play there.

Medical and Cancellation

You can read our Medical and Inclement Weather plan here.

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