1. USAU Waivers

Brattleboro Ultimate Pickup is a USAU event. You must agree to the USAU waivers in order to play. Please print and fill out these waivers before you come to the field:

2. Our Registration

Fill out this form and click "submit" to complete your registration.

3. Fees

Please pay your fees before you come to the field, or using your phone before you play.

FREE - Your first night playing with Brattleboro Ultimate
$8 - Drop-in (one night)
Sliding scale for a full season (42 nights! $336 worth of drop in fees!). Pay what you can, considering these suggested levels:
$100 - I love Ultimate, and want to contribute to everyone being able to play
$65 - Covers all costs for field and insurance
$25 - I really want to play, but money may be a challenge