Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Board Meetings

Tonight we had our second Board meeting of the 2015 season.  Our next meeting will be April 1st 6:30pm in the conference room at the Gibson-Aiken Center 207 Main St. in downtown Brattleboro.

We'd love to see some more faces at these meetings.  Come check it out.  Join the Board.  Give us your ideas.  Volunteer some time.

We've been deciding what to accomplish this year.  Right now we know:
  • we're still playing at the wonderful West River Park, like last season
  • organized pickup at least twice a week during the summer.  Renewed focus on keeping Tuesday friendly for beginners, while Thursday are faster paced.
  • organized pickup once a week during the fall
  • similar cost as last year
  • focus on supporting youth ultimate, helping BUHS with field time and coaching, introducing other area schools to Ultimate, helping Hilltop SummerCamp find someone for Ultimate Camp weeks
We're still talking about:
  • Youth clinics or camps
  • Women's clinics
  • Club Team
  • 4 team area league, instead of pickup for a portion of the summer
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Discs & T-shirts 
  • Expo of college teams meeting in Brat
  • How to best mange an online presence to keep everyone informed